''Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in Heaven.'' Matthew 5:16

This video is of the sermon that my sisters in Christ and I lead at our church with the message, Shine His Light. We share what God has done in our first Journey to Heal support group for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Westchester County, NY. 

God has called us out of the dark into His glorious light and we are SHINING HIS LIGHT! Are you ready to SHINE? 

Childhood Sexual Abuse? Freedom Awaits...

Join a Journey to Heal Support Group


A Journey to Heal Group is a group for women, 18 and older, who are ready to take their next step in recovering from past sexual trauma. Our mentors lead women through the book, Journey to Heal: Seven Essential Steps of Recovery for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Crystal Sutherland. As a survivor of sexual abuse, Crystal knows that while the recovery process is complex, healing can happen with God’s help. Infused with biblical truths, stories of hope, and practical wisdom, this book guides readers to discover the life of wholeness God has for them.  

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 You do not have to stay in bondage to your sexual abuse any longer! Find your voice! Find your freedom! Sign up to join a JTH group. Hope is HERE! 

''I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,' declares the Lord.'' Jeremiah 30:17


What will you gain from joining a group?

  • An opportunity to process your story in safe community with other survivors
  • Guidance, encouragement, and caring support as you work through essential steps of healing
  • A clear understanding of your identity in Christ
  • Community with other women who understand and are on the same path of healing
  • Hope for your journey to heal

How the groups work?

Each group consists of no more than 5 members, and meets once a week for 7 consecutive weeks. Group meetings are 2 hours in length, and closed after the first session. This group is available both online and in person. Registration is free. However, group members will need their own copy of Journey to Heal, a personal journal, and a Bible, to participate. If you are interested in joining a JTH group, please visit www.journeytohealministries.org for additional information. 

''The truth shall set you free.'' John 8:32

Refuse to be the victim of your circumstances.

Join JTH New York today! 

Not in your area?

Click here to find additional locations. with Journey to Heal Ministries.

Westchester County, New York

I Choose Freedom!


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Additional Resources

Suicidal thoughts?


 The Care Coalition is a community that cares deeply about saving the lives of our children and preventing another tragic loss of a friend, family member, or neighbor, to suicidal thoughts, drug or alcohol abuse. You can find freedom. The Care Coalition connects those in need with those who care.

Substance or Alcohol Abuse?


DrugRehab.com offers faith-based recovery for substance and alcohol abuse. If you or someone you know needs assistance to break the chains, please visit their website. Faith in the power of Christ is what sets us free. Don't wait another day in bondage. Get help today. 


Supporters of
Sexually Abused Victims


 Healing from past sexual trauma, no matter the circumstance, is very complex. It requires a great deal of time and intentional care. Your support is vital in a victims healing journey. Here's how to be a wonderful support. 

Fill up with HOPE


''Your senses are your perception of how you perceive the world around you...take in everything of God's love & light.'' -Kaely Leeyer

Be mindful of what you hear, speak, smell,  taste, and touch. What you put into the body will eventually bear fruits. 

Fill up with HOPE - Music

Listen to these lyrics. This song helped me heal from my sexual abuse. ''I was dancing in the dark..then..I found a love...''  Still tugs at my heartstrings:') Enjoy!


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