''If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.'' John 8:32

''Kaely has a gift for turning our attention to God's word and understanding where the places are in somebody's life where they can be challenged to go deeper, to go further and to trust God more to see fruit of what God's doing in their life.''

 -Pastor Mark Snyder

''It is so evident that the she is filled with the Spirit of the Lord.''-Mariela

Mariela Rosario, California

Kaely is one of the most gentle and loving individuals that I have ever met. It is so evident that the she is filled with the Spirit of the Lord as it radiates through her and the work she does on His behalf. Kaely has helped me navigate through past hurts and bring healing to trauma I have encountered through the power of the Holy Spirit. Her biblically based guidance and sensitivity to God has made my healing process a journey of deeper intimacy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God’s hand is definitely on Kaely’s life and ministry and is using her powerfully to help His children find freedom and wholeness in Him. Thank you Kaely, for being willing, surrendered and available for God to work through you.  

''Jesus declared, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'' Matthew 22:37-39

 ''Kaely understands God's greatest commandments at a level most people do not. It is deep within her understanding how to resolve any conflict through love, and God's love most importantly.''

-Nicki Snyder, Pastor's Wife, Ministry Leader, Nursery School Teacher


''Kaely is God's faithful and obedient servant and I have no doubt that God speaks to and through her. He told her to start a support group for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The day I had decided to end my life was the very same day that God lead me to the church where she was announcing the start of her group. Kaely's obedience to God saved my life.'' - Doris

Doris Striednig, New York

I met Kaely through her first Journey to Heal group she ever lead. 

She radiates the hope, love, light and truth of Jesus in everything she says and does. It's truly amazing to be around her, you can't help but feel uplifted in her presence. 

I had so many lies, a lot of darkness and incredible pain within me that needed to be brought to light and dealt with. 

She helped me realize how many burdens I had been carrying around for so long, that where never truly mine to bear. 

She prayed and supported and loved me through the process of surrendering and letting go, which wasn't always easy, because I needed to learn how to rely on God and trust people again at the same time.

Kaely devoted herself to help me unlock the chains of my yesterdays and dismantle the lies and strongholds layer by layer to bring me to a present state of mind with God where my heart and soul could find healing in Christ. Now I have a hope and a future in the Lord as she keeps pointing me to Him. Kaely is always encouraging me to explore the whys of my thoughts and feelings and to talk about things, instead of keeping them bottled up. Which was crucial in my healing process, since for so, so long I had no voice. I am so blessed and grateful that God brought us together and cannot wait to see what our future holds. Before Kaely, I did not know how much I needed Jesus, but now He has become my Lord and Savior.  

I wholeheartedly and confidently recommend Kaely to anyone who is looking to not only heal, but improve their life and future to walk in the light of Christ, 

Freedom Awaits...

''You do not have to stay in bondage any longer. Refuse to be the victim of your circumstances. Choose Love. Choose God.'' - Kaely Leeyer

''She is able to see the good, and God in every situation, which is a quality not many people have.''-Wubet

Wubet, New York


 Kaely is one of the sweetest and inspirational people I know. Every moment shared with Kaely is a moment you can see God. This summer we went on a Christian work site retreat together. On the way back home we got lost. We ended up at this beautiful landscape; it was a body of water with a few trees and behind it where some buildings. Then Kaely said something a long the lines of “it seems like we got lost for a reason.” As I spent time with Kaely, I noticed she is able to see the good, and God in every situation, which is a quality that not a lot of people have. She has inspired me to come closer to God. After hearing her testimony and seeing how joyful she is, I am considering getting baptized now. Thank you Kaely for inspiring me! 

Armando Diaz, California


 I had turned my back on God for 23 years and wanted nothing to do with Him. I was a selfish, alcoholic in a dark place. Since coming to Kaely just a few months ago, I slowly started feeling the growth of Christ in me. She guided me to His teachings and guided me right into an acceptance of Christ again. I have been reborn with him for the rest of my life. I can’t believe all those years I was in darkness and now I see the light. My life has changed since I gave my heart to Jesus, my Savior. I now understand why it is important to have a personal relationship with Jesus because He is the reason for everything good. Since I have opened my heart and started building a relationship to Him, my life has been improving all around. I am still a work in progress and working to be the best me I can be but with Kaely's coaching and guidance, my faith is growing stronger everyday. Whenever I feel emotions of being down and depressed, I turn to Jesus. Thank you Kaely!  

Deanna Danielle, New York


I am delighted to be called upon to share in Kaely’s work. They say life will make you or break you. Sometimes it’s in the brokenness that test who we really are. Kaely knows this tried-and-true and her life is an example of all the possibilities in overcoming many obstacles. Her sensitivity and concern for others is contagious. Kaely is always willing to go Above and beyond what is required. I have every confidence in her ability to be a fulfillment to her calling. She is a true refuge of peace in her active intersession in the lives of others. Kaely, I want to thank you personally for all that you have done with and for the Care Coalition and the website lovenevergivesup.com . You have been instrumental to all that we are doing and it brings me great joy to see people coming to you seeking answers as they search for peace within their own lives. Keep up the great work! I feel so blessed to know you and for the privilege to call you a true friend.

Patrick, Virginia


Working with Kaely for the past two years has been a transformational experience. If has helped me bring greater joy, accountability and love into my life, and my relationships. Kaely’s approach is caring, loving and results oriented. Her coaching is a gift that I recommend for anyone interested in giving and getting more out of life. Thanks Kaely!!!

Gabriella Villalobos, New York


 Kaely, you’re one of the most uplifting people I know! Before I met you, I didn’t know how much I needed you in my life. Talking with you gives me an abundance of comfort and joy. Your patience and empathy makes me never want to stop a conversation. Because of you, I was able to develop a relationship with Jesus, which is something I never thought I’d do. I can’t thank you enough for your support and guidance! You are a true blessing!  

Terri, Vermont


Thank you Kaely Leeyer! Through your guidance & support, I have gained tools to help me always live in a state of awareness. The insight, empathy, strength, compassion, and patience that you coach with has taught me that love is my truest source of empowerment. My truth. Thank you again with kindest regards. You’re the best!

''I don’t feel coached, I feel loved and that is the most important attribute of all.'' - Joanna

Joanna DeRosa, New York


I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Kaely for the past four months. It didn’t take long to see that she was a light; a beacon of hope to anyone who needs it. Kaely enters every room with a smile that can change any bad day, a welcoming and warm energy where anyone would feel comfortable and a heart more interested in helping others than her own self. This is very rare to find in a person these days. Kaely, being so open about her own personal development and what she has gone through, is able to bring forth truths that you didn't even know effected you or held you back. She is a true sister in faith and a vessel for the work of Christ. Growing up in the Catholic Church, I have always had a strong relationship with Christ, however, over years of losing loved ones and personal battles I naturally questioned this. All of the doubt went away when I met Kaely. There is no way a person so pure and eager to heal could exist without the power of the Lord. Kaely has helped me tremendously in such a short period of time. I want to be better, stronger and want to be able to bring forth my own testimony and speaking with Kaely is bringing this into fruition and giving me the trust in myself to do so. Whether it’s a temporary battle or a long term goal, I know that her guidance brings clarity. I don’t feel coached, I feel loved and that is the most important attribute of all. I feel a confidence within myself that has been missing for quite some time. Kaely has always made me feel equal, will never doubt me or invalidate what is troubling me and will always ensure I know my worth. I am so blessed to have met her.

''What Kaely does for people changes your mind, body, and soul.'' -Josey

Josey, California

It's hard to know what you need until it is given to you. I've never been the one to want to invest into counseling or changing myself. I just believed the way I lived, my struggle, my unhappiness was a direct result of the life I was given. I convinced myself I had to live life with my head half underwater. Getting through my day was a struggle. The moment I began my life transformation with Kaely I saw a change within myself. At first I asked myself, "Is this girl for real?!" I didn't know how is was possible for a normal person to be as happy and full of joy as Kaely presented herself. I've known Kaely a long time so I knew her happiness and love for people was genuine. But how could she change me?! I was very hesitant. She is very intelligent. She immediately starting to dive deep into her toolkit and presented techniques for me to do on a daily basis. She is very detailed and teaches you how to do each tool. For instance, she verbally walked me through how to meditate. We meditated together over the phone. I've never done this successfully alone.  She kept me accountable throughout our journey. When I started to become distracted she brought me back where I needed to be. Not only did I heal but I grew. I'm now very aware in my day to day. I can now process thoughts with clarity. I not only feel happy but I have hope.  What Kaely does for people changes your mind, body, and soul. No longer do I feel owned and controlled by the darkness in this world. My life is full of substance and it's all because of Kaely and how she has taught me to live, think, and not only exist but THRIVE.

Thank you Kaely for your coaching and connecting me to my true self.


Vicky, New Mexico

 Kaely Leeyer is an individual who has turned her life inside out radiating the joy of living in abundance while humbling understanding the trials many face. Her ability to pull out the truth within you in order to allow yourself to see your limitation and direction to overcoming is extraordinary. She does not explain where or what you should do but has the gifted awareness to direct you to your own answers you are seeking. Her ability to use metaphors from the simplest things in our lives to teach us the meditative reflective way she brings us into our own light is so encouraging and loving. She has guided me through focusing on reasons I choose to maintain certain relationships in my life with people, food, activity and career. Now I see the deterrents before they are habitually back in my life and redirect using tools she has taught. Kaely radiates optimism and leaves you in your own path you have chosen with clarity and the tools to fulfill your purpose.

Andrea, California

 I have known Kaely for over 15 years and have seen her grow from adolescence into adulthood. I have seen her many trials and tribulations, the experiences that have caused her to grow immensely. She fully embraced life and that is why she has fulfilled many of her dreams. I’m so grateful she is herself, and part of that includes her desire to help others be the best they can be and fulfill their dreams. Kaely has helped me become aware of my unconscious patterns which allowed the opportunity of change. Without her friendship, support, guidance, I am afraid I would continue to act from an unconscious place, not realizing that my behavior steamed from childhood experiences. Thank you Kaely for your time, listening heart and guiding words, but more than anything, thank you for being you.

Steven, Florida

 Through Kaely’s coaching, she helped me deepen my awareness. When I became anxious she helped me figure out what caused it, and how to react or not react in any given situation and take a step back to see the entire picture.

Santina, Florida

Kaely is the most incredible coach I know! After only one session, I received all the insight I was looking for about my personal relationships and professional future. She gave me the power to trust myself and follow my dreams, while showing me that what I want to achieve without college has purpose and meaning. With her help, I would not be where I am today with my growing Youtube career and have the confidence to explore my other passions. Her endless support and inspiration keeps me motivated daily! The progress I have made in such a short amount of time is only the beginning to my success. I am now more excited than ever for what the future holds! 

''To say that Kaely saved my life is not an exaggeration. It’s the simple truth.'' -Chris

Chris Tempe, Arizona

I am a sixty year old man, who has led a simple life, though perhaps, slightly more self-aware than many of my peers. I started therapy at age 20, and have gone back and drawn from the therapeutic well often since then. I think of therapy as a healthy exercise of continual re-examination with respect to the ever-changing world. Many see it as a sign of weakness. Without regard to others’ perceptions, I have dragged my “inner child” through many “a path less taken”; and yet I am far from having any or all of the answers today. 

A month ago (May 3, 2017), I had perhaps the single worst day of my life, without question. My love and decades-long partner “resigned” from our relationship that morning. A few hours later, in the afternoon, I lost a job I loved dearly. (I was, without compassion, fired via a text message.) A few moments later, I learned that my grandson had been in a near-fatal auto accident. His prognosis was unknown. 

My mind was unable to cope with these shattering events simultaneously. I reverted to, and depended upon, raw instinct. Instinct compelled me to load my car with a few items, fill my gas tank and drive west. All that I knew for certain was that I had to drive 8 hours west to be with my grandson. Everything else could wait. Nothing else mattered at that moment. 

I spent six days and nights with my grandson in his hospital room.  When he was awake, we talked. We talked about anything and everything, as we have for the last 18 years. He has an ‘old soul’; I view him as a peer. He is wise beyond his years. The memory of our talks will remain with me always. While he slept, I prayed and cried. I slept very little. I was saddened to think that my newly ended relationship might also affect the wonderful relationship with my grandson. Possibly change, forever. Sadly. 

After medically advocating for my grandson, and when he was preparing for discharge, it was time for me to leave. Time for me leave and go to that place that for so long had been home. By chance, I decided to drive home via San Diego and visit my nephew.  

He greeted me with love and utmost hospitality. Like my grandson, he too is only related to me through my recently ended relationship. But our bond will be indelible, and our love and friendship will survive the change in my personal circumstance, without question. The same is also true of my grandson, reflecting on that today. 

Though I arrived late, my nephew was prepared to go to a party. I gladly accepted his invitation to join him. My mind and body were exhausted from sleeping in a hospital room chair. The near-midnight air of San Diego replenished me as we drove, chatting like old friends. All that I knew in anticipation of the party was that I would meet people close to my nephew, who I respect greatly. 

Kaely was among the new friendships that I formed that evening. As did the others, she greeted me with the warmth of someone that I had known for years. On one hand, I was pleasantly surprised; on the other, I knew that my nephew did not have superficial relationships. My being “related” to him was a sufficient rite of passage that night. 

Completely unplanned by either party, I engaged Kaely in conversation. On the surface, she is beautiful and captivating. More importantly, and beneath the surface, 

she has innate intelligence and sincere compassion. These traits allowed our conversation to transcend from ‘small talk’ to ‘meaningful’ within minutes. 

Kaely questioned me in a way that felt natural and non-judgmental. My responses flowed easily. I never once questioned her motive or intent. I felt entirely at ease pouring out my soul. It was as though I had scattered the details of my life on a table, like they were playing cards. I was completely unaware that the questions she had asked all served to help her understand me beyond her initial instincts. Within a few minutes, I felt as though I had known her my entire life. No barriers stood between us. My trust was complete, in spite of the fact that I had exposed all of my vulnerabilities. 

I felt like “a patient, etherized upon a table.” 

Figuratively, Kaely grabbed all of the cards that I had laid on the table and re-shuffled them in her hand. Through a process of self-discovery, Kaely guided me … as together we put order to the cards. She connected the loose ends of my own self-discovery, and organized them in a manner I never believed possible. 

At the core of my existence today is a chronic illness that causes a grotesque level of pain. I withdrew from narcotic painkillers. That was half a year ago at the time, and on my own volition. And even though I had been learning new techniques to deal with my constant physical pain, many mental and emotional issues were still plaguing me. I wallowed in negativity, and failed to see the beauty of life … right in front of my eyes. I was miserable, and often questioned my own existence. 

To say that Kaely saved my life is not an exaggeration. It’s the simple truth. How can that be? How is that possible? I can’t answer with full certainty. I can say this for certain, however. I was ready. I was willing. And, I was able to allow someone with the skills of Kaely to organize my thoughts and allow me to discover for myself the basic importance of positivity. It is both amazing and phenomenal to me.  

Sadly, it is too late to save the relationship that is so precious to me. Not to place Kaely on a pedestal, but I firmly believe that had she entered my life a year or two sooner, the changes that I am currently so proud of may have saved the relationship. No one will ever know for sure. 

However, I do know this for certain: Kaely has helped me experience and perceive life in a different and more positive way. The solution is not stopgap. The solution has permanence. My hope is to share those insights with people that I encounter in the future: verbally and by example. I owe SO much to Kaely. There are not adequate ways to express my appreciation. 

A few times since that night I have had new and other thoughts and questions. Kaely is available to me, of course. I find great comfort in that. But whenever she is not accessible, I literally can anticipate and ‘hear’ what she might say to help me regain perspective. I hold few other people in that high regard. They happen to be my deceased parents.